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não me toque / don’t touch me // An imaginary Museum for an Imaginary Artist [Y.Melanitis]
Having the idea of the ‘Musée imaginaire’ by André Malraux as a point of departure, Yiannis Melanitis and Geert Vermeire are creating a “museum space” with their own artworks and texts. Nine works of Yiannis Melanitis symbolize and refer to a variety of styles in the Western history of art, while each work of art is linked with a particular book from the history of literature. Next to the works of art, nine original texts written by Geert Vermeire for this exhibition are presented visually.
October 6th - November 30th 2011
Faliro Pavilion (TaeKwonDo), 2 Moraitini str., 17561 P. Faliro
ABOUT: participating in the International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens 2011 presenting the artists: Yannis Kontaratos, Teta Makri, Yiannis Melanitis, Katerina Mertzani, Nina Pappa and Petros Touloudis.
Thursday 12 - Sunday 15 May 2011
admission 10 euros / 5 euros (concessions)
Thessaloniki Concert Hall
25th March & Paralias / Thessaloniki
Kryographia @ Photo Biennale [Y.Melanitis/ M.Aloupi/ A.Diktyopoulos]
more soon...
Saturday 30th April, 15.00-16.00
admission free
Herakleidon Museum
16 Herakleidon Street / Thissio / Athens
Maria Aloupi's piano recital / Edvard Munch, Beyond the Scream
These concerts are organized on the occasion of the major exhibition of engravings “Edvard Munch, Beyond the Scream” hosted by the Herakleidon Museum. The choices of the musical works were made in order to narrate and insinuate a parallel between the main creative phases of the painter, the development of his technique and his course from rural Oslo of the 19th century to Paris and Berlin – both significant metropolitan cities of his time. A journey from Romanticism and the National Nordic School through the work of Edvard Grieg, from Post-impressionism to Symbolism under the compositions of Claude Debussy, from Expressionism by Arnold Schoenberg and Alban Berg retrospectively, all the way to the bright aspects of his later life.
Friday 25 & Saturday 26 February, 21.30
admission 8 euros