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7th of July - 4th of August 2012
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ABOUT: continues to embrace the Digital and Media arts by presenting the first hybrid art production developed by its creative team. It is a 3D adventure game, called OURFIRG, a contemporary artistic project that defies categorization. The main focus is on the combination of a variety of techniques and types of expression while the transcendence of the predetermined boundaries between art, experimentation, participation, interaction, between established arts and emerging ones is attempted along with the exploration of art’s relationship with the cultural industry.

This project is currently at the working prototype stage. It has been submitted and has been approved for “all or nothing” crowd funding (one of the few in our country) from the well-known crowd-funding platform Kickstarter (New York Times / the year in ideas 2009 & TIME / Best Inventions of 2010). The project is independently crafted, put to all-or-nothing funding, and supported by friends, fans, and the public in return for rewards. Individuals ranging from independent film producers to digital art producers but also art groups and companies operating in the field of cultural products, participate in this platform.

Any interested party may contribute in the following ways:

Revenue from OURFIRG’ s commercial application shall be used to fund the cultural activities of ABOUT: Cultural Venue

As part of the OURFRIG project there is an open invitation towards fine artists, graphic designers, 3D artists or others, to design in order to participate in the project. Application until the 30th of August at the

For information on OURFRIG please visit

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