music @ The Bath-House of the Winds
A Sound Installation / A Balkan Tale
5th & 7th of May 2012
The Bath-House of the Winds
Andreas Diktyopoulos, composer - programmer

ABOUT: Cultural Venue in collaboration with the Goethe Institute Athens produces an audio work of art. It concerns a five channel electroacoustic installation / composition by composer Andreas Diktyopoulos, which will run for the 5th and 6th of May 2012 as part of the “A Balkan Story” held at the “The Bath-House of the Winds” - Kyristou 8, Plaka.

Presentation of the sound installation / talk:
5th of May, time: 17.00
Duration of Installation:
5th & 7th of May 2012

The Balkan Topos is no more than a palimpsest, where, just below a fragile surface, History – that is the people, the religions, the cultures – has recorded, multiple parallel and intercrossed narrations. The installation’s audio material is drawn from these narrations. Recorded excerpts and fragments of the soundscape, operate in counterpoint with the thematic structure of the exhibition.
The Photography has the ability to capture a Present, which it extends perpetually, transforming it into reminiscences. The Arts of Sound, subjected to a constant Now, create their narration through Memory, in countless combinations of what is already heard, a narration which is at times linear, at other times temporally convoluted, resembling somewhat the reading of a book.
And while the image existence can be traced in a Space, the Sound inhabits it and runs through it. The distinguishable sources- themes coexist and mutually penetrate into the unique paths the listener is taken through. During the listener’s tour in the space, he creates/perceives situational acoustic mixtures, unique and unprecedented, enriched with his memories and correlations/associations. Yet another level of meaning is added by the colorful “silences”, the audio substratum of the installation which unifies spatially the distinct times of the exhibition.

Text: Anargyros Deniosos

Andreas Diktyopoulos
Born in Darmstadt, Germany. He was involved in computers, music and writing, from an early age and went on studying computer science and music in Athens. All the while, he visited several institutions and professors of composition in France and in Germany. Currently based in Athens, he composes music, is involved in the creation of Interactive Virtual Worlds and is following the postgraduate program "Logic, Algorithms and Computation" at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. His musical works have been performed by significant performers and music ensembles such as N. Ischerwood, Ensemble Aleph, Neue Ensemble.

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