exhibition @ Biblioteca Nacional de Brasília (BNB)
não me toque / don’t touch me // An imaginary Museum for an Imaginary Artist [Y.Melanitis]
October 6th - November 30th 2011
Biblioteca Nacional de Brasília (BNB)
Yiannis Melanitis

não me toque / don’t touch me
An imaginary Museum for an Imaginary Artist

Site specific exhibition

Curated by:
Geert Vermeire / the Milena principle 2011

October 6th 2011 @ National Library of Brasilia
October 6th to November 30th 2011
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9h - 20h45
Saturday and Sunday: 9h - 17h45

Having the idea of the ‘Musée imaginaire’ by André Malraux as a point of departure, Yiannis Melanitis and Geert Vermeire are creating a “museum space” with their own artworks and texts.

Nine works of Yiannis Melanitis symbolize and refer to a variety of styles in the Western history of art, while each work of art is linked with a particular book from the history of literature. Next to the works of art, nine original texts written by Geert Vermeire for this exhibition are presented visually.

The use of texts as visual works of art shifts the view of the visitor. The National Library of Brasilia is an almost empty library, defined by some people as a ‘zen’ library, almost without books, a hub and a centre for digital and virtual knowledge. This exhibition is in fact a site specific installation, a mirror that gives depth to the space and reflects the place.

The title of the exhibition is the title of one of the art works in the exhibition and it also refers to the book ‘Blindness’ by the Portuguese writer José Saramago; a book about a society in which everybody becomes blind and at the same time physical contact is prohibited. Persons, not only lose touch with their eyes but with their whole bodies. The exhibition wants to reflect upon a library as a place where you can touch and be touched, a space of imagination and experience.

This exhibition shows intimate works, some are nearly miniatures, art works in a no man’s land of the past and the present. On a frontier set between words and images the exhibition creates its own space and time. At the same time these works create nine riddles related to the strange world of Lewis Carroll, playing with image and words, playing with the exhibition space and the context.

Geert Vermeire 2011

National Library of Brasilia
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