music @ Herakleidon Museum
Maria Aloupi's piano recital / Edvard Munch, Beyond the Scream
Friday 25 & Saturday 26 February, 21.30
Herakleidon Museum
Maria Aloupi

Oslo – Paris – Berlin: Landmarks.

These concerts are organized on the occasion of the major exhibition of engravings “Edvard Munch, Beyond the Scream” hosted by the Herakleidon Museum. The choices of the musical works were made in order to narrate and insinuate a parallel between the main creative phases of the painter, the development of his technique and his course from rural Oslo of the 19th century to Paris and Berlin – both significant metropolitan cities of his time. A journey from Romanticism and the National Nordic School through the work of Edvard Grieg, from Post-impressionism to Symbolism under the compositions of Claude Debussy, from Expressionism by Arnold Schoenberg and Alban Berg retrospectively, all the way to the bright aspects of his later life.

Two different forms of art - music and painting - may be comparable to a degree, not because they reflect each other structurally and aesthetically, but on a more abstract and internal level due to the historical parallels and the mutual dialogue that may occur.

Maria Aloupi

Born in Athens. She studied piano and music theory in Athens and after her diploma she studied piano under Halina Siedzienewska – Alberth in Munich and composition under G. Pape in Paris. She gives recitals and chamber music concerts, as a pianist, performing works ranging from the early classic period to the 21st century in Europe. Since 2002, she has been actively participating as a composer in festivals and concerts in Europe and the USA.
Since November 2006, she has been acting as the artistic director at the Centre for Music Composition and Performance ( In 2010, together with Andreas Diktyopoulos, she founded the Cultural space ABOUT: (

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