Christos Michaelides / Short Floating Acts // solo exhibition
Christos Michaelides is presenting his 1st solo exhibition at ABOUT: In a time when painting has already been through a series of ups, downs and reversals, its gradual depreciation since Modernism, its comeback during the postmodern years of the '80s and then once again, its marginalization in the next decade, due to the dominance of the "new "media of photography, video and installations. Still, in recent years, painting rarely concerns the forefront of developments when drawings on paper (pencil, charcoal, ink) have seemingly replaced it. Many perhaps consider painting an old medium, a medium which has exhausted its potential. This exhibition by Christos Michaelides claims its place in this debate about the nature of painting. Truth be told, this is a painting exhibition which has embraced many risks before it was decided that it will be displayed in public. Michaelides unfolds a body of work which refuses to indulge its viewers. It also refuses to follow the –ephemeral- tendencies of fashion dominating locally or abroad.
February 28th – April 6th 2013
admission free