Returning from Utopia / New Reality
Group show as part of the Reclaiming the Past, Ragaining the Real [beta version] festival for contemporary music and arts. Participating Artists: Vanessa Anastasopoulou, Annita Argyroiliopoulou, Andreas Voussouras, Konstantina Katrakazou, Yannis Kondaratos, Anna Maneta, Eva Marathaki, Nikos Palaiologos, Aliki Pappa, Konstantinos Patsios, Angela Svoronou, Nikos Sepetzoglou, Anneta Spanoudaki, Leondios Toubouris, Kostas Tsolis, Olga Tzimou, Giorgos Tserionis, Dionyssis Christofillogiannis. // Curator: Giorgos Tserionis.
25th of September – 11th of October 2012
The distant relative of a blind man
How is the concept of the void, the space between boundaries and the in-between place defined? The answers impend in any case, they remain hesitant and ambiguous, and they linger, contradict and repeat the questions in a circular fashion. The participants are required to decipher and determine their understanding of the concept of the void. It is the end of the nightmare, the familiar one relived as a horrendous reality or is it the construction of new familiarities? The pending issues remain and invite the viewer to participate and possibly explore the universe of the image. The wandering may lead the viewer to discover one’ s own BIRTH PLACE. Curator: Giorgos Tserionis
24th of May 2012 – 16th of June 2012
admission free
VAKALO @ Design Walk
In a country like Greece today, routinely caught between the gloom of the everyday and the tediousness of commonplace, one can still find moments that stand out, that break through the overcast skies of the dull and uninspired, drawing attention to that point where a free creative spirit still continues to shine. A period of groundbreaking design work, from 2001 to 2011, is presented at the show entitled “concept : design : inter/national. 10 years of Vakalo Master of Arts”, which is organized within the framework of this year’s Athens Design Walk by the Vakalo Art & Design College, at the Cultural Venue ABOUT from 3 to 18 February 2012.
February 3rd – February 18th
admission free
Human in Space / Dimitris Chalkiadakis
Dimitris Chalkiadakis presents his first solo exhibition at ABOUT: organized as part of the Athens Photo Festival 2011. The photographer presents works which document and explore the relationship between human presence and space, through a 12 year course.
November 22nd 2011– January 14th 2012
admission free