exhibition @ about:
Nina Pappa // Intermediate Times
Thursday 10th of March - 7th of May 2011
Nina Pappa

Opening: Thursday, 10th of March 2011, at 20.00
Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday 17.00 – 21.00, Saturday 12.00 – 16.00

The theme of the works is waiting times in public urban spaces.

The art pieces do not refer to waiting times that involve personal expectations but to the needs of people on a massive scale, existing in an urban environment. The waiting time in stations and stops of public transport, counters, civil services etc.

An archive of photographs, drawings and videos of dialogue transcript is on display. They are the result of a three year long research which took place in the specific environments.

The goal is to convey the waiting it self, a non productive situation when no remarkable events take place and nothing is registered in our perception apart from restrictions and directions that define the surrounding conditions.

Nina Pappa was born in Athens.
She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, painting and sculpture, and she is a doctor at the School of Architecture, NTUA. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She is presenting her seventh solo exhibition at ABOUT:. Her work's focus lays mainly on the issue of time. The artworks presented at ABOUT: are concerned with waiting times in public spaces. She is a member of the Errands group. She lives and works in Athens.