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Imaginary Sound-Scape with flute(s)
Saturday, 22nd & Sunday 23rd of October 2011, at 20.30
Myrto Korkokiou, flutes (piccolo, alto, bass) // Apostolos Loufopoulos, electronics

Works by: J. C.Risset, C. Lippe, M. Adamis, A. Loufopoulos, K. Karathanasis, K. Saariaho.

The flute with its agility and the versatility of its timbres is one of the most iconic instruments in contemporary music. Either in a solo or in countless other combinations, it has been used in all its idioms and its expressions. One of its most interesting conjunctions has been the one with electroacoustic music. The use of new technologies teamed with the flute’s latest techniques in particular, succeed in broadening the abilities of the instrument while generating new contexts and possibilities for creativity and offering innovative features to musical performance. The electroacoustic sounds, whether synthesized or prerecorded, combined with the process of the flute’s sound in real time, enrich its sound spectrum and create a new aesthetic and musical perspective. Thus, virtual soundscapes are created along with spaces that reform and surmount the real space of the live performance and subsequently captivate the audience’s imagination in a unique fashion. It is often that the sound’s diffusion in the space accentuates this sensation by the use of multiple speakers.

Text: Anargyros Deniosos

Myrto Korkokiou and Apostolos Loufopoulos have been collaborating since 2000 and have performed widely works for flute (live instrument) and electronic sounds, computer processed and prerecorded in real time and diffusion. The program includes compositions from their recent collaboration as well as works by Mihalis Adamis, Jean-Claude Risset, Kaija Saariaho, Cort Lippe, Constantinos Karathanassis and Apostolos Loufopoulos.

Myrto Korkokiou has a BA in Music (Ionian University) and a Mmus in Performance (LCMM –London). She has also studied the flute with Ian Clarke and Chris-Hyde-Smith. She is currently working on her doctoral research in flute performance with electronics at the Ionian University.
She has participated in flute masterclasses by Wil Offermans, Robert Dick, Ian Clarke and Peter Lloyd. She has participated in festivals of electronic and contemporary music in Greece (Corfu, Rethimno, Lixouri, Electromedia). She has also given concerts at Athens Megaron of Music and at Philippos Nakas Hall.
She is primarily focused on improvisation and performance with electronics, as well as composition for flute and electronics. She has been collaborating with Apostolos Loufopoulos composing pieces for flute and electronics since 2000. Their piece ‘Behaviours’ (flute and electronics) has been awarded first prize in the Dimitris Dragatakis Competition 2007-2008 (Greece). Their piece ‘59 Winds’ (flute, bass flute and electronics) has been awarded first prize in the Franco Evangelisti Competition 2006 (Italy). Their pieces have been also awarded prizes in the ‘Music Nova 2006, 2004’ (Prague) and in the 32nd Bourges International Competitions (Brussels).
She is teaching at the department of Sound Technology and Musical Instruments of the Ionian islands TEI (

Apostolos Loufopoulos studied music at the Ionian University, Greece (Music Degree) and at City University, London (PhD in Music). His work is mainly focused on the composition of electroacoustic music and the research on the manipulation of sound via electronics, but also in the inter-contextual approach to music and the convergence of musical genres.
Over the past decade, his music has been performed internationally in renown festivals of contemporary music (such as ICMC, Synthese, L’Espace Du Son and others) and has received a number of awards at international competitions such as Αrs Electronica (Austria), Bourges (France), Noroit (France), Metamorphoses (Belgium), Space of Sound (Belgium), Franco Evangelisti (Italy), Musica Nova (Czech Republic).
Since 2004 he lives in Athens-Greece and works as a freelance composer and producer at his private studio. He also lectures on the creative use of sound technology at the TEI of Ionian Islands, at the Department of Sound Technology and Musical Instruments (
He has participated in academic research projects regarding the study of environmental sound (post-doctoral research at Ionian University, 2006-2008) and has actively participated in a number of international conventions on musical novelty and contemporary musical research, regarding a wide variety of subjects.
He is a founding member of both the HELMCA (Greek Union of Composers of Electroacoustic Music, and the Greek Society for Acoustic Ecology. He is also a member of the Sonic Arts Network and Project itinerant.

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